Kodon is a firm of professional business consultants, advisors and accountants, serving giant businesses through to small business. We provide sound strategic financial, accounting and business insights built on solid business evaluation; a foundation of quantitative analysis and qualitative research; process review and problem solving.Kodon specializes in startup consulting, financial modeling, equity valuations, business planning, book keeping services and much more.

We also help organizations evaluate and understand financial decisions, and mine information and data to chart the clearest path to success. We partner with client’s management to enhance customer experience, optimize product pricing, save costs, reduce expenses, and engage employees and customers to produce tangible, achievable results.

We provide small business financial leadership available by the day and part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) business-graphics-1057101services, management accountants and leadership support.

Let our knowledge, experience, commitment and innovative philosophy assist you in your strategic financial climb.

Our Code of Conduct is our guide to doing the right thing and explains how our values should guide our decisions. Lets peel back another layer and show you our core values:

intr Integrity

We are honest and fair in all our interactions. We treat customers, partners and employees with honesty and respect.

adap Adaptability

With Kodon your needs come first. Our efficiency and flexibility enables us to adapt to serve your unique needs and deliver results.

arro Competence

We believe we are only successful when you’re successful. We deliver tangible, quantifiable results based on facts, research, solid analysis and a clear path to execution.

conf Confidentiality

What matters most to us is safeguarding your confidential data. At Kodon measures are undertaken to prevent sensitive information from reaching the wrong people, while making sure that the right people can in fact get it.





Shahzad Javaid – CEO and Foundershahzad

ACCA, BSc (Hons)

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”
― Paulo Coelho

Shahzad is the founder and key driving force behind Kodon. He started the firm after having spent more than 5 years in the financial sector of Pakistan, with hardcore knowledge and experience of Corporate banking, SME banking and Global Risk Management.

Shahzad is a member of Certified Chartered Accountants United Kingdom (ACCA) and CFA Level II qualified. Having also achieved BSc (Hons) from Oxfords Brookes University in Applied Accounting and Finance, he specializes in Income Estimation, Loan Facilitation and has in depth knowledge of Banking Regulations.


Anam Pirzada – COOanam

CFA Level III Qualified
ACCA, BSc (Hons)

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
– Warren Buffet

Anam is Chief Operating Officer at Kodon. Her prior industrial experience includes 8+ years in fields of finance, audit, risk management, rating methodologies, budgeting, treasury management and financial modeling both in Pakistan and UAE. She was Treasury Advisor to Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) providing senior management perspectives of fund management and portfolio allocation. Previously, she was financial analyst in Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) playing an instrumental role in development of General and Life Insurance Dashboards. She has also worked with one of the Big four firms Ernst and Young (EY) as Senior Auditor in Pakistan and Dubai.

In addition to consulting, Anam is a faculty member and lead lecturer at LGS Defence International Degree Programme where she teaches “Banking and Finance” and “Cost Management” courses.

Anam is CFA Level III qualified and member of Certified Chartered Accountants United Kingdom (ACCA). Having also achieved BSc (Hons) from Oxfords Brookes University in Applied Accounting and Finance, she brings creativity, strategy and analysis to identifying and implementing fresh solutions to her client’s business problems.





Kodon has signed an exclusive agreement with British University of Nicosia (BUN) and is now the sole representative of the university in the region.

British University of Nicosia ( is situated in North Cyprus just south of Turkey, and is just over one hour’s flying time from Istanbul. The island is a popular tourist destination due its Mediterranean climate and beautiful environment. For the visiting student the island offers a safe, secure and hospitable environment in which to study. English is widely spoken.

Kodon on behalf of BUN is now offering scholarships under different cadres that is 100% , 75% and 50% to students studying undergraduate and graduate programme. Please rush and apply to get the scholarships as there are limited seats available.

Kodon is participating in international exhibitions, arranging institutional presentations, conducting candidate interviews and entry tests (attested by BUN itself) and carrying out promotions and publicity campaigns on behalf of the institution.

We will be releasing the deadline for applying with us as well as detailed documentation required for the undergraduate and graduate progammes being offered by the university very soon. Please call us for further information.





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